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Дом на Кипре, в районе East of Limassol
Сдам офис улица Хорива
Аренда офисного помещения, Киев, ул. Пирогова 4
Продаются шикарные аппартаменты в сердце Парижа
Продам дом в Киевской области, продам дом Вишеньки

About company

«BGT consulting» is the young and dynamically developing company, command of professionals, aimed at development and introduction of new ideas, services and soft wares products in the sphere of customers’ financial service. Working as the joined collective, we know that, inlaying the professionalism in common cause, we build the best company, able to satisfy any queries of our clients and effectively to get along even at the most intricate problems.

«BGT consulting» company offers you the skilled help in the decision of difficulties and tasks which arise up in our saturated life daily. You’ll get skilled consultation and operative decision on one of the followings directions:
  • integral complexes of properties
  • corporative rights
  • holdings of shares
  • ships and airplanes
  • lands
  • houses
  • flats
  • vehicles and equipment
The company carries out the evaluation activity on the basis of the subject of evaluation efficientness certificate of the Ukrainian State Property fund №5823/07 from 19.06.2007.
There are also in the list of basic services given by our company many others such as the selection of the optimum programs and terms on the credits products of different banks; analysis of the borrower solvency; minimization of the client’s expenses, selection of the accredited insurance and evaluations companies; help in preparation and transmissions of the documents’ package; co-ordination of relationships with financial institutes; receipt of positive decision from a bank in short time.
We value our reputation and are interested in giving you only the high-quality service.

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